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Financial Support


DayStay is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and we appreciate contributions in any amount.  Donations make up the difference between what a family can afford to pay and our actual costs.  Remember, no one is refused enrollment for an inability to pay.


Volunteers are essential to DayStay's success.  Being a volunteer at DayStay is as easy as spending an hour or two reminiscing with someone about their family, their work, or where they have traveled.  Other volunteers can help with an activity or assure that everyone is able to enjoy a game or program.  Something as simple as a smile and saying hello can bring joy and happiness to someone.  

All our volunteers are subject to a background check.  Every volunteer must attend an orientation session and are evaluated on a regular basis.  Volunteers are held to the same requirements as our paid staff.  Volunteer Application

Student volunteers are welcome.  Students aged 13-17 are invited to participate in the Adopt A Grandparent program.  During their time at DayStay, they will be in a group setting. They will assist participants with crafts and games as well as engage in conversation.  Students should come with a positive attitude and willingness to make friends.  Student Application

Share A Talent

We welcome special guests - musicians, therapy dogs, storytellers, etc.  If you have a gift to share, please contact us (828-665-1575) to schedule a visit.

Special Events


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